Wye Parish: Old Wye Church & St. Luke’s Chapel

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Wye Parish
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Welcome to Wye

Times & Locations of Services

8am on Sunday at St. Luke’s Chapel
7208 Main Street
Queenstown, MD 21658

10am on Sunday at Old Wye Church
14114 Old Wye Mills Road,
Wye Mills, MD 21679

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Wye Parish is an active Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Easton. It is one church with two locations but with one vestry (governing body) that oversees the business of both churches. Historic Old Wye Church dates from 1721 and was built as a "chapel of ease" for St. Paul's Church in Centreville, MD. St. Luke's Chapel at 7208 Main Street in Queenstown, MD was built in 1841 on land deeded to the Parish by Mr. & Mrs. James Massey of Bowlingly. In the early 1900's, St. Paul's Chapel was the active church and the Old Wye Church fell into disrepair but in 1949 the Old Wye Church was fully restored. The Vestry Cottage, which had disappeared, was rebuilt at that time.

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We publish a weekly e-newsletter that is titled Word to the Wyes Weekly (we’ve consciously decided to drop vestry vibrations). Its a very helpful way to keep informed of what’s happening at Wye. Word to the Wyes Weekly contains parish news and notes, a weekly parish calendar, projects, descriptions of special events and ministries. Please enjoy reading Word to the Wyes Weekly this week.

Wye Conservatory of Music

The Wye Conservatory of Music seeks to develop and sponsor the unique qualities and capabilities of young vocalists from the Eastern Shore. They receive voice lessons, participate in solo and group performances, gain choral experience and are active in community outreach. Auditions for the 2017-18 year are being scheduled. Aspiring vocalists in grades 8-12 are eligible to audition. Visit for more information.

Wye Kerygma Fellowship

Wye Kerygma Fellowship embarks upon a year of reading the book of the Prophet Isaiah. We will be reading the 66 books of Isaiah in three parts. Part One – Holy, Holy, Holy began on Monday morning September 17th at 10 am in the Wye Parish library and continues for eight weeks. We gather for coffee, fellowship and study. This will be amazing.


Old Wye Church

Parish Office
Worship at 10:00am on Sunday
p: (410) 827-8484

14114 Old Wye Mills Road
P.O. Box 98
Wye Mills, MD 21679


St. Luke's Chapel

Chapel and Parish House Only
Worship at 8:00am on Sunday
p: (410) 827-8488

7208 Main Street
Queenstown, MD 21658

Rev. Charles Osberger


Ellen Smith

Parish Administrator

Bonnie Forgacs

Director of Choral Scholars Program

Wye Parish is a congregation within the Diocese of Easton. For more information on the Episcopal Church and for additional information visit or