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Virtual Tour – 1. TOUR START

Rector’s welcome to Old Wye Church, built in 1721, at which regular services continue to be held.

Virtual Tour – 2. CHURCH SACRISTY

Entrance to the Church’s sacristy and description of the Book of Common Prayer.


The architecture and history of the Church building, from the main entrance at the West end of the Church.

Virtual Tour – 4. CHURCH INTERIOR

Tour of the Church interior, describing distinctive features such as the box pews and double-decker pulpit.

Virtual Tour – 5. HOUGHTON TERRACE

The Houghton Terrace, the restoration of the Church in the 1940’s and the rebuilding of the Rectory a few years later.

Virtual Tour – 6. COLUMBARIUM

Beginning at the Columbarium, the Rector takes us on a walk about the Cemetery, recounting its history and talking about the six hundred persons buried there.

Virtual Tour – 7. BRIDGE

Footbridge over the small seasonal stream, once a navigable branch of the Wye East River; why the entrance to this Church faces the stream rather than the road.

Virtual Tour – 8. CELTIC CROSS

The Celtic Cross, fabricated from the wood of the famous Wye Oak that stood nearby for more than 400 years.

Virtual Tour – 9. KELLY TERRACE

Back in the Cemetery at the Kelly Terrace, the Rector reads to us a prayer for the deceased from the Book of Common Prayer.

Virtual Tour – 10. VESTRY HOUSE

At the Vestry House we are told about what vestries were and are, and we look inside at the vestry’s meeting room, furnished as it was in Colonial times.

Virtual Tour – 11. PARISH HALL

Our Worship Leader returns to describe the many activities in the various spaces in the Parish Hall.

Virtual Tour – 12. CIRCLE

At the final stop on the Tour, the Rector adds a brief description of Wye Parish’s other historic church, St. Luke’s Chapel in Queenstown, a blessing and invitation: Peace be with you and come see us again.