Word to the Wyes – March 2024

Maundy Thursday, March 28 – 7:00 pm ~ Holy Communion at St. Luke’s Chapel, Queenstown

With Samplings of the Last Supper Meal

Good Friday, March 29 – Noonday Prayers and Meditation at the Old Wye Church, Wye Mills

Bishop San will be joining us as the Officiant

Easter Day, March 31 8:00 am at St. Luke’s Chapel ~ Holy Communion

Easter Day, 10:00AM Old Wye Church ~ Holy Communion

Easter Day after 10 am service – Easter Egg Hunt at Old Wye Church

                                                                   Easter Egg Hunt

Please Join Us for an Easter Egg Hunt at Old Wye Church on Easter Sunday, March 31st after the 11am service. Families can meet Miss Bibi at the footbridge by the creek for instructions and details.  Don’t forget to bring a basket or bag to gather your eggs, yummy treats, and prizes

Hope to see you there!

Refreshments for March 


March 3 – Radcliffe Family

March 10 – Linda Allen

March 17 – Robin Metz & Sharon Butler

March 24 – Carol Bilek

March 31 – Easter Sunday at St. Luke’s – Mary Julie, Suzanne Sheahan, Debbie Dean Scott

March 31 – Easter Sunday at Old Wye Church – Valerie Dryka, Carol Bilek, Sharon Butler

Thank you to everyone who is preparing Refreshments this month.

Special Easter Thanks

Many thanks to Rick Culotta for organizing the choir for Easter Week.


Easter Lilies

Each year parishioners are invited to donate Easter flowers in loving memory of someone or in thanksgiving for a special person. Please click on the button below for the form if you wish to donate a lily for the Easter services this Easter season.

All forms are due in the Parish Office by Monday, March 25th.


Forward Day by Day

Copies of Forward Day by Day for February through April are available this week at Old Wye Church. Check the small table in the rear of the church for copies. Please take one.


Needle Felting Class

Learn how to needle felt, using sheep’s wool and a needle, and shape into a little creation to take home! We’re making a lamb in this class.

*Tuesday, March 12th, from 1-3 in Wye Parish Hall

*The cost is $35.00

*All materials are supplied

* To register please call the parish office at 410-827-8484 or email [email protected]

Quick Reaction Force, Inc. (QRF)

QRF needs our support, through donation of items needed for disaster victims in shelters, and for equipment to aid in search and rescue on disaster sites. Boxes are available in both our churches. Please take a few moments to check out the QRF web site to learn more. See www.quickreactionforceinc.org.

Support Haven Ministries

Hello everyone,

First let me thank everyone who helped Haven Ministries last year and everyone who has signed up to help this year!!

Haven Ministries Shelter opened October 1, 2023. There are 10 beds available.

Here is our schedule of volunteers so far:

Oct. 17th – Mary Julie

Nov 28th – Geri Elza and Mary Julie

Dec. 12th – MaryJo Dematteis

Dec. 28th – Mary Julie

January – 25 Valerie & Ron Dryka

February -12 Connie Cole & Trish Anthony

February – 23 Rick & Karen Culotta

March 15 – Geri Elza and Bibi Schelberg

April 15 – Open – if you are available, please contact Mary Julie.

I will reach out to you several days in advance and let you know the number of guests. Maximum amount is 12 (plan for 10 guests)

If you know of anyone in need, please contact Sandi Wiscott Director of Operations (410-739-3577). All Haven Ministries services are for QAC residents only.

Thank you,

Mary Julie, Haven Ministries Board Member for Wye Parish

Flowers for the Altar

If you would like to reserve a Sunday to give altar flowers in memory or in honor of a loved one, please call the parish office for more details or to reserve a date.

The Offering Plate
We thank you for your support of Wye Parish.
You may always choose to donate using our online giving. Simply click on the plate to make an online offering for Wye Parish. This online giving feature also may be accessed any time by clicking the donate button at the top of the Wye Parish website.
Thank you to all who have mailed their weekly or monthly offerings, bring their pledges to church on Sunday mornings and to those who are already using our online donation service.