Word to the Wyes 4/7/22

Collect for the Palm Sunday
Almighty and everliving God, in your tender love for the human race you sent your Son our Savior Jesus Christ to take upon him our nature, and to suffer death upon the cross, giving us the example of his great humility: Mercifully grant
that we may walk in the way of his suffering, and also share in his resurrection; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

This Sunday, April 10, 2022
8:00 am Holy Communion – St. Luke’s Chapel
10:00 am Holy Communion – Old Wye Church

Palm Sunday, April 10
8:00AM St. Luke’s ~ Holy Communion
10:00AM Old Wye ~ Holy Communion

Monday, April 11
Kerygma Bible Fellowship
10:00 AM Wye Parish Library
You are warmly invited to join us

Maundy Thursday, April 14
St. Luke’s Chapel, Queenstown
7:00PM ~ Holy Communion
Children’s First Communion

Good Friday, April 15
Noonday Prayers and Meditation
Old Wye Church, Wye Mills

Easter Day, April 17
7:00AM Wye Mills Lake ~ Community Sunrise Service
9:00AM St. Luke’s ~ Holy Communion
10:15AM ~ Easter Egg Hunt
11:00AM Old Wye ~ Holy Communion

Children’s Church Holy Communion Class
We Give Thanks is a course preparing children to receive Holy Communion with deeper understanding.
We Give Thanks is scheduled at 10 am the first Sundays of months leading to Easter 2022. Those Sundays are
April 9 – Communion Class Retreat at The National Cathedral
April 14 – Maundy Thursday, First Communion
April 17 – Easter Sunday, Presentation/Recognition of Communion Class
Miss Bibi will contact parents to share details about the retreat and the Maundy Thursday service. It will be a very exciting spring for our children at Old Wye!

Easter Lilies

Each year parishioners are invited to donate Easter flowers in loving memory of someone or in thanksgiving for a special person.  Forms are available in Sunday’s bulletin or from the parish office.

Spring Kerygma Fellowship
The Kerygma course, Reading the Bible as a Whole, continues on Monday, April 11th at 10 am in the Wye Parish Library. The spring course is a weekly discovery of the New Testament beginning with The Good News and concluding with the Revelation of John. I look forward to welcoming everyone to this vision of reading the Scriptures together.

Please join us for an
Egg Hunt
Sunday, April 17th
at 10:15 am
Old Wye Parish
For more information please contact Miss Bibi at 410-570-2023; [email protected]

Inquirer’s Course
A five-week introduction to the core beliefs and values at Wye Parish of worship, history, kerygma, ministry, and Confirmation. We gather this Wednesday, May 13th at 6:30 pm for coffee and dessert. This brief introduction to the Episcopal Church is a great way for anyone to be renewed and refreshed as a baptized member and witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

From The 300th Anniversary Committee
We are pleased to announce that Wye Parish has joined with Washington College’s Institute for Religion, Politics and Culture for a series of 3 Lectures, dealing with the history of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. These lectures are free and open to the public. The first lecture:
“Maintaining Tradition During a Century of Religious Change:
Old Wye Church and Christianity on the Colonial Eastern Shore.”
This lecture will present the vibrant religious environment of the Colonial Eastern Shore, when generations of church-goers struggled over whether assurance of God’s favor could be found in established liturgies, or only in the inner experience of spiritual rebirth.
Presented by: Dr. Baird Tipson, past president of Washington College
Date & Time:  April 19th at 4:30 p.m.
Location:     Washington College, Hynson Lounge at Hodson Hall, Chestertown MD (parking is available on campus)
Two more lectures, in this Old Wye Church 300th Anniversary series, are planned for September and October and will take place in Easton and at Old Wye Church, respectively. The September lecture will cover 18th Century Colonial Architecture of the Eastern Shore and the third will cover the impact of the famous Anglican clergyman, Thomas Bray, organizer of the Church of England in the Colony of Maryland. Stay tuned for more information on these two lectures to come.

Haven Ministries - Hope Through Shelter, Clothing & FoodHaven Ministries Shelter
A special thank you to Valerie Dryka who will provide dinners to the Haven Ministries Homeless Shelter in April.
Please contact Mary Julie if you are interested in providing dinners or want more information before committing. Thank you very much!
Mary Julie, (c) 410-310-3577, [email protected]

Haven Ministries - Hope Through Shelter, Clothing & FoodHaven Ministries Emergency Food Pantries
Throughout the month of March, Haven Ministries Food Pantries distributed food to 178 individuals in our community. These folks fed their families, which included 573 total people: 208 children, 299 adults, and 66 seniors. Individuals and families received a variety of food: ground turkey, ground beef, venison, hotdogs, canned meats (tuna, chicken, ham, luncheon meat), canned fruits and vegetables (including mixed fruit, kale, collard greens), pastas, rice, jellies, juices (grape, apple, orange), applesauce, assorted donated food, and hygiene items.
Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped operate both Haven Ministries Food Distribution sites! Thank you for your support! We appreciate you!
Krista Pettit
Executive Director,
Haven Ministries, Inc.
Donations of non-perishable food are warmly accepted for the Haven Ministries Emergency Food Shelter. Food donation boxes are located at both St. Luke’s Chapel and Old Wye Church.
The Food Pantry at Haven Ministries is open for daily distribution.
Thanks! Have a great day!!

The Offering Plate 
We thank you for your support of Wye Parish.
You may always choose to donate using our online giving. Simply click on the plate to make an online offering for Wye Parish. This online giving feature also may be accessed any time by clicking the donate button at the top of this newsletter or from the Wye Parish website.
Thank you to all who have mailed their weekly or monthly offerings, bring their pledges to church on Sunday mornings and to those who are already using our online donation service.
Prayer for Annual Parish Stewardship
Accept, O Lord, these gifts which we bring to you, inspire and increase our gratitude for the presence of your Holy Spirit in our lives. We commit our church to your praise and honor, that the name of our Lord Jesus may be worshipped, and his ministry of compassion, healing and new life bring hope to all people. Amen.

Wye Parish Ministry Calendar
  • Sun. Apr. 10 – 8 am Palm Sunday service at St. Luke’s & 10 am at OW
  • Mon. Apr. 11 – 10 am Kerygma in the OW Parish Library
  • Wed. Apr. 13 – 8:30 am Transition Team
  • Wed. Apr. 13 – 6:30 pm Inquirers Class in the OW Parish Library
  • Wed. Apr. 13 – 7 pm Choir rehearsal in the OW Parish Hall
  • Thu. April 14 – 7 pm Maundy Thursday Service at St. Luke’s
  • Fri. April 15 – 12 n Prayers & Meditation at OW
  • Sun. April 17 – 7 am Sunrise Service lakeside in Wye Mills
  • Sun. April 17 – 9 am Easter service at St. Luke’s & 11 am at OW
  • Mon. Apr. 18 – 10 am Kerygma in the OW Parish Library
  • Wed. Apr. 20 – 8:30 am Transition Team
  • Wed. Apr. 20 – 6:30 pm Inquirers Class in the OW Parish Library
  • Wed. Apr. 20 – 7 pm Choir rehearsal in the OW Parish Hall