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Word to the Wyes this Week

Sent on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Dear Parish Friends,

Many thanks for all of your encouragement as we offer weekly worship services online.

The Diocese of Easton Pandemic Preparedness and Response Task Force will soon issue guidelines for the next phase of In-Person worship services and community meetings. These guidelines will provide some adaptability depending on the size and location of parishes and buildings. Included in these guidelines will be a check list. As a general requirement, all participants will be required to wear a mask, observe six-foot social distancing, take responsibility for their personal health. The guidelines will also detail how communion will eventually be offered. Thank you for your prayers as we move into this new normal.

Happy Birthday to Trevor Malloch, Anna Denton, and Teresa Hummel. If there are additional prayer requests for daily prayers, please send them to us in the parish office.

Warmest regards in Name of our risen and exaulted Lord Jesus Christ. Alleluia!

An Order of Worship for the Evening on Ascension Day - May 21st at 5 pm - live broadcast from Old Wye Church

Please join us on Facebook Sunday morning at 10 am.
View the Sunday Morning, 10am service bulletin

St. Luke’s Bell and Steeple Project

I believe I speak for all of us when I say I am anxious to see St. Luke’s restored to the look I cherish, and to hear our bell ring out its call to worship. While many church bells are heard but not seen, ours is both heard and prominently displayed. It is well traveled having journeyed from a monastery in Portugal, to a church in Brazil and then to St. Luke’s in Queenstown as a gift from William Henry Decourcy Wright on December 25, 1839.

To review the path we have been on since early last Fall, our original intent was to repair siding and trim in preparation for painting. In the process we discovered rot and decay in key structure members supporting the steeple. We had no choice. The steeple had to come down.

Though it is not readily apparent, we have achieved much of our original objective. Decayed chapel siding and structural members have been replaced. All the defective structural and trim pieces associated with the bell box and steeple have been fabricated and are in storage. All have been milled from an exceptionally durable South American mahogany. They are all primed and ready to be installed. Our goal is to make sure St. Luke’s Chapel will not need this kind of major maintenance for at least another 50 years.

To get to where we are today has been expensive. Even the Chapel’s replacement siding had to be custom milled. We have had to incur debt to get to the state I have described. The Stephens Gift cannot help us as it is restricted to maintenance of Old Wye Buildings and Grounds.

Considering all our work to date, our estimate to rebuild the bell support box and then raise and install both the steeple and the bell is $70,000. We need these funds in hand before we authorize our contractor to resume work. Additional work is needed at St. Luke’s, but this key step will restore our bell’s Sunday morning call to worship in Queenstown.

We have an encouraging start with several bell tower gifts totaling $50,000. I trust we as a congregation will make it to the finish line. I long to see our bell in its rightful place and once more hear its call to worship.

Don Regenhardt
Junior Warden

Children’s Church at Home

We are most grateful to Bibi Schelberg who has prepared and provided a weekly “children’s church at home.”

Haven Ministries Update

Thank you!!

For the past 10 weeks, our community, volunteers & staff have come together to support Haven Ministries in ways we never imagined possible as we have shifted and adjusted in response the the COVID19 crisis.

You have donated meals to our shelter guests and found your way to our food drives to donate food and supplies as demand at our pantries has more than doubled. You have opened your wallets and hearts to give financially when we temporarily closed our stores and halted our spring fundraisers. You have donated your time and talents to support our operations as we navigated through health & safety procedures.

As we enter the next steps of re-opening and restoring our activity, our focus remains on providing the essential services of food, shelter and financial resources to the most vulnerable neighbors in our community. Thank you so much for your continued support. We are grateful for your calls, messages, thoughts & prayers. Together we will remain inspired, focused, encouraged, and dedicated – now more than ever!

YOU have given HOPE through…

  • 8 Facebook Fundraisers
  • 4 Live Concerts for HOPE
  • 2 Private Matches
  • One-time donations

Over 100K of our $500K in operating Funds have been raised!! Thank you!! Your donations have been our main source of revenue and HOPE during the Covid-19 shutdown.

Rev. Charles Osberger


Ellen Smith

Parish Administrator

Carmen Renée

Director of Music

Wye Parish is a congregation within the Diocese of Easton. For more information on the Episcopal Church and for additional information visit dioceseofeaston.org or episcopalchurch.org.